2005, stainless steel, 22' high x 30' x 14'

StaLinePilsenMonument_smlIMG_2193Commissioned for the Veterans Memorial Plaza at the Voice of America Centre, West Chester, Ohio, StarLine is dynamic, triangulated energy. Like the linear radio structures that once surrounded the Voice of America site, this star is symbolic of both the past and the future, of freedom, friendship, and communication. It represents something intangible and ethereal, transcending space and time, yet familiar. Through this abstracted reference to the 5-pointed star of the American flag, with its multiple views drawn in the round, the suspended horizontal line floats and sways within the star, pointing toward the west, reminding us that a line can be a path or direction of movement, or a boundary, or a connection—that Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America were essential resources for information and courage during times of 20th century oppression.

Above photos taken in Pilsen, Czech Republic; StarLine photos by Jeffrey Sabo